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Euromillions jackpot has a rather unique and impressive fashion to how it is set up. Many online lotteries have the jackpot and all the lesser awards are based on the jackpot or are set to a strict value. Euro millions lottery is quite different. There is a prize fund that the jackpot and all the lesser winnings are based off of it. These winnings are based on a percentage base of the prize fund.

All the winnings count for 84% of the prize fund with an additional 16% held in reserve as the Booster Fund. Euromillions uses the Booster Fund during roll overs. This money is credited to the jackpot account during each respective rollover. This indicates that there is a prize structure and a logical order to the lottery.

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The Euromillions Jackpot lottery offers a 1 in 24 chance of winning a prize. The winners of each respective prize ranking have to share with other winners of that rank, as it is still only a percentage of the prize fund. That would mean that if there were two winners of the jackpot pot they split the jackpot in half. The jackpot accounts for 22% of the prize fund. This may not seem fair, but it ensures that there are funds there for all winners and also makes if more appealing after the eleventh rollover.

After the eleventh rollover the Euro millions lottery begins what is a roll back. This is where if there is no jackpot winner then it is awarded to the next tier down. This indicates that , there is actually a better chance to win the jackpot, although that also eliminates one full tier from giving out prizes.

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The prize configuration is designed to make sure that eventually there is a jackpot winner and that the winner or winners get the full amount of the jackpot. This is still misleading to those that see the distribution of the prize fund and feel they are still being denied their full award. The simplicity and the method that the Euro millions lottery shows their structure proves there is fair way to do this. These people that protest just show that there is no limit to greed.

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Euromillions Jackpot has been one of the fastest growing lotteries in the world. It has a strong influence in a number of countries and shown signs that it will be expanding to even more in the very near future. To what extent is unknown, but the signs make Euromillions appear to be hitting most of Europe within the next decade, if not all.

Euro millions lottery has shown an innovative award system and a means that has set a new standard in the lottery world. Euromillions as a lottery has shown a unique approach that has not been seen since the National Lottery in the United Kingdom. The irony is that they are run by the same organisation, Camelot. Euro millions lottery has had a number of massive winners and the Euro millions influence is felt in many countries, not just in Europe but throughout the world.

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