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The Irish Lotto was launched in 1988 after the Ireland government ratified the national lottery act. This bill was specifically meant to lend the much needed helping hand to the poor in Irish society. Ever since its launch, this lottery has managed to obtain a total sum of 36 billion to enable it to carry out this noble mission. The Irish Lotto offers a maximum jackpot of 13.83 million pounds.

While the minimum jackpot stands at 1.2 million pounds. The Irish Lotto 49s Ladbrokes happens to be one of the most popular draws, this organization facilitates gamers to bet for. With a lot of Irish and UK citizens laying wagers on a regular basis. Let us now take a closer look at how you can play this Lotto game successfully.

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How does the Irish lotto 49s  Online Work?

To play in accordance to the laid down regulations, you will be required to pick six numbers from a total of 47. You will as well be required to pick a bonus ball. On the other hand, you will be offered 2 additional but optional games, which are the Lotto Plus 1 along with Lotto Plus 2.

The draws held for this game and those of many others are 3 in number, and are labelled the main, 2nd and 3rd draw. These draws occur each and every Wednesday and Saturday evening every week. To be in an excellent position of improving the likelihood of bagging some prize in the Irish Lotto 49s Ladbrokes, it can be prudent to always activate the 2 extra games.

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Tips On How To Win Big with The Irish Lotto Online

Generally speaking, the key to winning prizes of all values, is to make it a point to play on a regular basis. Even in the event if you never bag the jackpot, you will still stand a good chance of bagging other big prizes. This of courses includes the 2nd prize, which can run to as much as 25,000 pounds.

To increase such chances, you should, like it was previously noted, play the Lotto Plus 1 and Lotto Plus 2 frequently. Yet you need to fully understand that there are no lucky numbers in the Irish Lotto Ladbrokes. This most definitely implies that hot or even cold numbers are completely inconsequential in this lottery.

However, it is important to state that numbers are frequently repeated in the Lotto draw and those of other lottery games. What all this really signifies you can greatly heighten the probability of winning by playing particular numbers that are drawn previous results.

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Introducing is an excellent place to place your Irish Lotto Ladbroke’s wagers on the internet. This site has being set up to assist Irish as well as UK gamers to play this and many more lottery games online in a highly stress-free manner. is highly acclaimed for its top notch customer care service.

Should you have any pressing queries about this lotto game, you can conveniently fill the form provided on the website. The reply will then be made within 6 working hours. Alternatively, you can contact the customer care team via a phone on any issue you might have.

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