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The Irish Lotto Online offers its players the chance to wing big prizes. Today, the Irish Lotto is considered to be among the most well known online lotteries. The players have to choose 6 out of 45 numbers for each line they wish to play, in order to win. Above all, it’s a fun and simple lottery.

In fact the firsti time the Irish Lotto took place was on 16th April 1988. At that time it replaced the famous Irish Sweepstakes. Back then, it was introduced to people with the aim of raising money for Good Causes in the country. Since then, the rules of the Irish Lotto have changed a number of times.

Today, the fans of the game have to match 6 numbers from a possible of 45, in order to be able to win the jackpot.

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How to Play the Irish Lotto Online to Win Big Prizes

After the players have selected their preferred numbers, during the draw, six numbers are drawn initially, and then one more number, a Bonus Ball is drawn from the numbers they have left, which help the players to win various great prizes. In order to win the Irish online lotto, the players need to match all 6 numbers drawn with the numbers on their ticket.

Moreover, they can also win other prizes, in case they match 5 main numbers as well as the bonus number, 5 main numbers, 4 main numbers and the bonus number, 4 main numbers, 3 main number plus the bonus one or 3 out of the main numbers.

Irish Lotto Prize Draws

In total, there are Severn prize tiers for the Irish online lottery and many of these incorporate the Bonus Ball. For example, in case a players matched anything for three balls upwards in the draw, then they have actually won an Irish Lottery prize that worth at least five euros. I

n addition, the players need to remember that the odds of winning the Lotto Jackpot in Ireland are 1 in 8,145,060, but the overall odds of winning other prizes are greater. For example, they are 1 in 42. The biggest jackpot until today was fro 18, 963,441 euros.

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Irish Online Lotto Jackpots

The jackpots in Irish Lotto begin at a base od 2 million euros and that amount is guaranteed. Moreover, the players need to remember, that if they won, they have 90 days (three months) to claim their prizes.

When players play Irish lotto online, they don’t have to worry about the arrangements that need to be made in order their winnings to be transferred to them. Their winning are directly transferred to their bank account, making it the most convenient and easiest way to play. Moreover, the winnings are transferred to the players within 48 hours.

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Free for any Fan to Play Irish Lotto Online

In addtions the winnings of the Irish Online Lotto are free of any taxes. Plus, the players don’t need to be only from Ireland in order to play. In fact, the Irish Lotto is regulated and governed by the government in Ireland through the National Lottery Act of 1986.

Any players who wants to play, can do so through his computer by just following some certain steps. They just have to be lucky, to win prizes inn the Irish Lotto Online.

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