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Are you trying to pick winning lotto numbers, but failing continuously? If yes, then you might be committing one or more of the common mistakes discussed below. Avoiding these mistakes will surely improve your luck. Thinking too much about hot numbers and cold lotto numbers?

What are hot numbers? In the world of lotto, the term “hot numbers” are used for numbers that get drawn pretty regularly. According to the traditional hot number theory, hot numbers are lucky and thus must be played as regularly as possible.

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However, the believers of the cold number theory are not ready to accept that hot numbers are lucky. According to them, cold numbers, as a result of being numbers that don’t get drawn on a regular basis, are long overdue.

People opposing this concept say that just because certain numbers haven’t appeared for quite some time doesn’t mean that they will be showing up in the upcoming draw. This shows that relying on results of previous draws when picking lottery numbers is not a good idea.

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Humans have a tendency of keeping things neat; this habit makes them a fan of numbers which follow a particular sequence. However, when it comes to picking numbers for lotto, opting for such numbers wouldn’t be a good idea.

That’s because most of the people participating in the draw would be picking those numbers. So, even if you emerge as the winner, you will have to share your price with several other participants.

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Never commit the mistake of picking specific dates as your lotto numbers. By “specific dates” we mean dates that are important to all. For instance, if you are a student of history, you may remember that the Ice Age ended on July 19 and decide to pick that (7 and 19) as your number.

That would be a big mistake as there might be several other history buffs who decide to pick the same numbers for the same reason. In addition, 7 is one of the most commonly picked numbers as it is widely believed that 7 is a lucky number.

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Our pattern seeking nature forces us to choose numbers with matching visual patterns. While some do this blatantly (following diagonal or straight lines), there are others who follow various patterns or shapes without realising.

When the same people are asked to pick numbers, unconsciously or consciously their primary goal becomes following the same visual patterns. As a result, even after hitting the jackpot they often need to share it.

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Our brain is more inclined towards working smartly than working hard. This makes us take a series of smart and small shortcuts even without knowing. The same thing happens even when participating in lottery.

Instead of coming up with random numbers we pick lotto numbers based on our numerical bias. We do all these unknowingly in order to save our brain from putting in the extra effort for picking random numbers. So, for picking real random numbers, one should be extra careful.

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