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There have been many multi-millionaires created, since the launch of the Euro Millions and it is also known as the Euro Lotto – a lottery organisation within the European community. In 2005, a lady from rural Ireland won the first ever Jackpot winning 115 million playing this game.

There are very few rules for the Euro lotto, so if you are over the age of’ years and if you reside in the following countries, such as Austria, Belgium, France, Ireland, Luxembourg, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland and the UK, you are then able to purchase your tickets before the deadline and take part.

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The numbers are drawn every Friday evening and takes place in Paris, France. It is a very popular game and many millions of Euro lotto members look forward to Friday evening with excitement. The draw is every Friday evening in Paris, France and is looked forward to, with keen anticipation by the tens of millions of contestants.

There is a number of Euro lotto winning combinations, as each ticket requires you to choose seven winning numbers. As it is common with this type of game, the winning numbers are attached to balls, which are placed within a machine.

The balls oscillate within the machine and a random number is released during the drawing. 50 balls are placed within a machine called the Stresa and nine are placed within the machine called the Paquerette.

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Although Euro millions is by no means the oldest lottery in the world, Euro millions is without doubt one of the biggest and most popular. In fact, it has been so successful that it is being used as a model for an even bigger World

Lottery that will be launched at some point in the future. Right now you’d find it very difficult to find any lottery that has what it takes to beat the fun and excitement of playing this game.The UK, France and Spain were involved initially, but lotteries from six additional European countries subsequently joined the Euro millions draw on 8 October 2004.

The individual countries involved with Lotto Results Euro also maintain healthy national lottery campaigns, involving a myriad of additional options and ideas with members playing from-3 different countries around the world e-lottery is fast becoming a global phenomenon!

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The pooling of resources among all the countries has undoubtedly created the platform for the Euro lotto success. Within the United States, similar games have been created involving several individual states to good effect. The United States has one of the most extensive lottery systems in the world.

Nearly every individual state in America has a lottery and there are several progressive lotteries – or multi-state lotteries of which jackpots are always in the high millions of dollars.

Now the program may roll-over for only 11 attempts and then “super draws” guarantee a minimum pay-out or the funds will be rolled down to the next level of matching numbers, because lottery rollover jackpots are so desirable, many lottery players choose to buy more tickets when there is a lottery rollover draw. We advise anyone who does this to buy their lottery tickets online so that they don’t risk losing them.

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