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Are you one of the people who keep checking whether others have won from time to time? If your answer is yes, National Lottery UK is for you. All of our featured sites provide online access to scratch cards instant games and lottery tickets for the UK and Isle of Man residents.

They have clearly stated that on their website. The company has existed since the year 2004 and it is managed and owned by the Camelot Group. Around 50% of the ticket sales benefit the players while 28% benefits charitable organisations in the country.

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Lotto games to play on National Lottery UK

The online casino offers many games including EuroMillions and online Scratch Cards. In the National Lottery, a player has to select six numbers between number 1 and 49. To win a prize, players have to guess at least three of the numbers.

If the jackpot is not won in any one week, the lottery company rolls it over to the coming week. Registration is easier but they do not accept credit or debit cards registered within the UK or the Isle of Man. You will have to rely on the Trusted Lottery Ticket Sellers.

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The National Lottery UK Customer Support

You can easily reach the National-lottery. customer support through telephone, email, or snail mail. They do not offer any live chat services a situation that frustrates many individuals. Immediately you land on their page, you will see the complaints procedure – on the “Contact Us Page.”

The absence of live chat is frustrating particularly to new players who would like to start playing immediately or those who have questions that require immediate answers. What’s more, entering your personal details into online systems for the first time can be intimidating.

Online National Lottery UK

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Online Lottery Game – Syndicate Lotto Groups

On the positive side, the National Lottery UK is properly regulated and you should not worry about losing your money. The company provides thorough information and graphics that will be useful when betting. They always update results with greater efficiency.You can play individually or opt to join a syndicate.

That theoretically increases the winning chances. Weekly prizes on the site are over #1 million and the rollover may exceed #14 million. The Website also provides a page for the unclaimed prizes, which date back to December 2011. Therefore, if you have old tickets lying somewhere in your home, you can visit the place to check whether you won.

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Mobile Lottery Charitable Causes

Around 28% of the money spent on National Lottery UK goes to various charitable causes, which include promoting Olympic Games and local athletes. You can get the full list of charitable causes on their website.

The owner of the site, Camelot, has an aim of maximizing returns to the society in a responsible and efficient way. In addition to the 28%, they also pay 12% lottery duty to the UK government. In other words, around 40% of all sales benefit the society.

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Scratch Cards Online – Play with Our Lotto Sites

Scratch cards are different from the other forms of gambling, particularly the games played online. However, National Lottery UK offers you a chance to play the cards online. National Lottery Scratch Cards are accessible and cheap. You can therefore start playing them today.The National Lottery offers a full package for the UK residents. If more people play, the winnings will increase and more will go to charity side.

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