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Irish Lotto Numbers Result

Finding Irish Lotto numbers result is a very simple thing to do. You may simply go to the Irish Lottery Home Page where all the lottery results are already posted for the latest games and drawings.

The website posts the results of all three of the Irish Lottery’s games. Those games are Irish Lotto, then Lotto Plus1, and Lotto Plus2. The website also posts previous lottery results dating back to the inception of the Irish Lottery in 1988.

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The Irish Lotto numbers result page has provided a statistics chart for you to compare the chance of winning to each drawing to help increase your chances of winning. The statistics are taken and compared from that night’s drawing.

Also, if there are no winners for a particular draw, the website will post in their latest new section that there were no winners for that particular drawing. The times of when the draws will occur are also posted in this section.

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Good Causes with Irish Lotto Online

The revenues of the Irish Lottery are used to fund projects across Ireland in the arenas of health, sports, recreation, arts, culture, and national heritage. The games are played twice a week on both Wednesday night and Saturday night. The draws are broadcasted on Irish National Television.

To win the jackpot, you must have to match the first 6 numbers drawn. plus there is also a seventh number drawn, and it is called the bonus number.

Smaller prizes may also be won by matching as few as three numbers plus the bonus number. Most people like to pick their numbers, but there is also an option to do the quick play, which is when a lotto computer automatically picks numbers for you at random.

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The Irish Lottery is accessible online for play. The Irish Lotto numbers result site is completely confidential, and all entry fees include postage, handling, and agent charges. All payments are made according to the instructions you provide.When a prize is won in any of these divisions apart from the first and second, it will be paid out as a percentage of the money raised through ticket sales.

All prizes will be paid out in one lump sum. A winning ticket in the seventh division will see you getting five Euros nondependant on ticket sales if you have matched three of the main numbers.

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Play The Irish Lottery Safely Online

Irish Lottery results page also provides a scam alert link. This link will show you the many lottery scams to be aware of and instructions on what to do if you are targeted. On top of giving scam examples for the Irish Lottery, it also gives scam examples of UK lotteries, and European lotteries.

There is also a section that tells you how to avoid falling victim to these lottery scams.The basis of all these scams involves sending out an email that says you have won some massive jackpot and have to pay some fee for this prize to be sent out to you. S

cam emails can be quite convincing at first glance, where you just see this fictional dollar amount you have won by buying Irish Lotto Tickets in your sleep.

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