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The world of raffles and lotteries is continuing to grow more than ever before.The UK National Lottery is licensed and privately operated by the popular Camelot Group. The very first draw was in November 1994. The ‘National Lottery Commission’ regulates the games.

How to Play UK National Lottery

UK National Lottery is so popular that people who do not live in UK too wish to play the game online. The game is conducted bi-weekly and you can make millions of pounds if you are lucky. The draw is taken every Wednesday as well as Saturday.

The payslip has boxes called boards; to play the game, six numbers are selected by making marks on the board. If you want a set of new numbers, you have to get another board. If you are playing for both the days, select the set of six numbers for both the days; you can select identical sets for both the raffle draws. Once you pay the amount, the vendor will enter the selections made and provide you the ticket.

UK National Lottery Draw

If you wish to play online, the ticket will be sent to you by email. In order to win, six selected numbers on your board should match the main six numbers drawn which will fetch you the jackpot. The seventh is your bonus number; if you have 5 numbers that are matching, then, check the bonus number to win the second prize.

How To Win The UK National Lottery

In order to win the cash prize, players must get at a minimum three numbers of their total six that match the drawing. If a player matches more than three numbers, they will win even more money. If you are one of the lucky few who match five numbers, you will be given another chance to win on the bonus number you selected also.

Matching five in additional to the bonus number yields the biggest cash prize possible aside from matching all six of the numbers plus the bonus. The chance of this encounter actually happening is about one in fourteen million.
If thirty million is up for grabs one week and no one wins, that will be added to the next weeks pot. This is one of the main reasons why you see jackpots so high many times.

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Prize money may not be won for weeks at a time and the money grows bigger and bigger. This happens on a regular basis and for the player it raises the level of excitement at the thought of winning. The lottery operator only allows for three consecutive weeks with no winners for prizes to roll over to the next week.

About The UK National Lottery Winnings

UK’s Lottery money is tax-free and is always paid in full. The organisers set aside part of the money spent for various funds; for example, for one pound spent, 50 pence is kept for the national prize fund. Additionally, 28 pence goes for good causes, 12 pence as duty to the government and 5 pence as commission to retailers.

Online UK Lottery Mobile

The Camelot Group gets 4.5 pence to meet their expenses. In order to be eligible for the game, a person must have completed 16 years of age and foreigners are also permitted to play. Most online players are from other countries. The tickets cannot be transferred to others; therefore, commercial syndicates are not allowed.

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