The US Mega Millions Draw Online

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US Mega Millions Draw Online

The US Mega Millions is a leading Americas multi-state lottery that produces giant-sized jackpots in its draws. The lottery has undergone immense changes since its inception and it is currently attracting more players than ever before.

The brand and the format of the lottery has been changed in order to suit the growing and changing technological platforms to make it effective and convenient to participate online. It changed from The Big Game, later renamed The Big Game Mega Millions and finally changed to its current name Mega Millions.

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US Mega Millions Draw Boasts of the Largest Jackpot Wins Ever

The game has experienced one of its biggest lucky winners with leading one pocketing approximately $400 million. The Mega Million has been widely known for the largest jackpot wins ever with approximately $840 million claimed by three ticket holders in 2012. This makes it the most played lottery game and also a lottery game with the highest payouts.

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Who Can Participate In US Mega Millions Draw

The US Mega Millions Draw is only open to US citizens but citizens living in other countries like Australia are allowed to participate in the draws. When a citizen living outside the US wins a draw, he/she will be paid out as if he participated in the game officially.

How to Participate in the US Mega Millions Draw

Players are allowed to pick from a set of two Mega Million Numbers. Five numbers which range from 1 to 75 is picked in the first set. The numbers should not be the same, meaning one should pick five different numbers.

The second set of numbers ranges from 1 to 15 where the player is needed to pick only one. This number is referred to as the Mega Ball and can resemble any number in the first set. The player will be declared a winner based on matching numbers with the ones in the draw.

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Easy Step to Becoming a Millionaire with Mega Millions Draw

The Mega Millions Draw tickets are available anywhere for players to access them. They can be bought online or alternatively from certified retailers. The second step is to choose five numbers from 1 – 75 and pick a mega ball from 1 – 15.

The player can then wait for a draw to find out the number of matching numbers with those drawn. Alternatively, one can check for the winning match by visiting A winner can claim its prize through certified retailers between 180 days to one year.

A key boost to the price may be achieved with the Mega Ball. If one has two matching numbers without the mega ball, price will be low compared to one who has two matching numbers with that of Mega Ball where the prize will be substantially high. The possibility of winning the Mega Million Draw stands at 1 in 15 which represents an extremely good value.

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Use Less to Get Millions

The cost to participate in US Mega Millions is extremely low compared to prizes to be won. Betting starts at a cost of $5 to $10 depending on insurance cost. This is the lowest amount keeping in mind that the winning prize may be as high as $400 million.

Mega Million draws are conducted every Tuesday and Saturdays with A variety of lucky winners handed their winning amounts without any complicated procedures.

US Mega Millions Draw Online

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