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When it comes to World lotteries, World Millions Jackpot is the word that strikes our mind first. This game has been played from the past several years and at present, not just the Americans and UK but the rest of world also participates in it wholeheartedly. The reason is quite obvious – it offers players millions of dollars as jackpot prize!

About World Millions Jackpot

Mega millions is an American lottery played started initially with the name ‘The Big Game Mega Millions’ (successor of The Big Game). It was in the year 2002 when The Big Game’ turned into mega millions with its first drawing also taking place in the same year. The minimum advertised jackpot of this grand lottery game is $15 million which keeps on increasing unless a winner is announced.

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The World Millions Jackpot cash prize is paid to the winner using either the cash option or annuity pay-out. If a player chooses annuity option, the cash prize is paid in thirty graduated yearly instalments with each instalment increasing to 5% every year (difference may vary with state).

General Facts about the World Millions Jackpot

  • A major part of the funds or revenue earned by the Mega millions lottery is utilised for various social causes. Most of it is donated to charity and the rest is used for welfare of the nation.
  • The overall odds of winning a prize in mega millions lottery are 1 in 14.7. However, the odds can be made better through some strategies and methods.
  • Winner must claim away their cash prizes within 180 days (can be 12 months) from the date of the drawing event.
  • The unclaimed prizes are sent either to the government or lotto organisations and how the money is utilised, depends on the prevailing conditions.
  • Tax deduction on the prizes varies from state to state. It depends on the options you choose – cash or annuity, current tax rates and more.
  • On March30, 2012 the largest jackpot worth $640 million (annuity value) was drawn. The second largest World Millions Jackpot was won on two tickets on Dec 17, 2013. The two winning tickets were from California and Georgia. The third largest jackpot worth $400 million was drawn on March 18, 2004 on the tickets from Maryland and Florida.
  • The fourth largest one went to the winning tickets from Georgia and New Jersey. The amount of the jackpot was $390 million which was split between the winners who chose the cash option.

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Mega Millions Jackpot Online Numbers Tips

Well, to win the mega millions jackpot, you have to form a six-number combination and match it with the one selected out at the time of drawing. Gamers can increase their chances of winning the mega millions lottery by the use of some strategies.

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First of all, they have to form a unique number combination by using low, middle and high numbers from the given number set. Playing on multiple lottery tickets can also help to get that jackpot amount easily. Utilizing lottery systems like wheeling system and lotto software is also beneficial to hit the lotto winning numbers.

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