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Have you ever dreamed of becoming a millionaire? Of course yes! Everyone has this beautiful dream. Unfortunately, the road to becoming a millionaire or a multi-millionaire isn’t that easy. You have to take some risks, invest, and make the right decisions in your life for you to succeed. However, there is one simple way that can convert you to a millionaire today without major investments or risk taking. This is none other than the famous mobile lottery game, EuroMillions. By playing EuroMillions UK, you stand multi-million jackpot and other awesome prizes. But, what exactly is EuroMillions? Let’s look at this online lottery game in detail and how to play it.


EuroMillions – Online Lotto Games

EuroMillions is a multinational lottery game which started in the year 2004. It allows people from 13 different Europe countries to take part in the game and win different amazing cash prizes. The game has huge multi-million jackpots among other amazing prizes and since it was started, many players from different countries have won millions of Euros. Today, there are more than 214 million people who are playing the game and becoming millionaires instantly without breaking a sweat. In order to participate in the game in the UK, you must purchase a ticket either offline or online which has a line of numbers. This will automatically put in that weeks’ corresponding raffle.

Euromillions – Mobile Lottery Draw Jackpots

Playing EuroMillions UK is simpler than you can imagine. All players in the UK must be over 16 years in order to participate in the game. To play the lottery, you are required to choose five main numbers from 1 to 50 and other two numbers, known as lucky numbers from another pool of 11 numbers. You can utilise the same number twice for your two picks as both two set of numbers are drawn from different pools. In the UK, online lotto draws are usually done on Tuesdays and Fridays where a player who matches as many as two numbers wins awesome prizes.

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Win More millions with EuroMillions

Every time you buy your line of numbers for either EuroMillions Tuesday or Euromillions Friday, you will receive a Millionaire Maker Code for that line. This means that you’ll be automatically entered into supplementary games like the UK Million maker where you can win at least £ 1 million if your code matches the one drawn.

Also, this lottery has awesome jackpots whose drawings are held every Tuesday and Friday. Over the past years, a few number of people have won EuroMillion jackpots. In August 2012, a person by the name Gillian Bayford scooped £148million EuroMillions jackpot in the UK. Also, in 2016, a Belgian won a EuroMillion superdraw of €168,085,323. The jackpots and superdraws are increasing and you may not know whether you will be the winner!

Online Lottery Winners


Play EuroMillions UK Anywhere, Anytime

In this digital age, you can play many lottery games online and Euromillions game is not left out. You can play it in the comfort of your home by use of a computer or mobile phone. There are many benefits of playing online;

  • When you play it offline, you have a maximum time of 180 days to claim your prize or else you’ll lose it. However, when you play EuroMillions online and you win, the cash is credited directly into your account so there’s no a deadline
  • Playing online keeps your money safe unlike buying tickets online whereby you can misplace or lose your ticket thus losing your money
  • You have more options when you when you play EuroMillions online as here you can find a number of games and types of jackpots to play. However, when you choose offline tickets, they may not be available in your location and all the game options won’t be available to you
  • Lastly, it’s much easier to play online than offline as you don’t have to leave your home for kiosk to buy the tickets. With only a simple gadget like your phone, you can be able to play Euromillions easily while sipping you favorite beverage, coffee

EuroMillions is undeniably the best lottery game which can make you a millionaire instantly. You may say that people win by luck but this is not the fact. When you use some strategies like playing group games or analysing the statistics of previously won numbers, you can increase tremendously your chances of winning. Grab a second chance of becoming a millionaire today by playing EuroMillions Online.


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