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Who does not want to earn a few extra pounds? There are different easy ways in which one can earn a fortune in the UK, and lottery is one such simple and entertaining way to make some good money. UK lotteries are controlled by the UK National Lottery that began functioning in the month of November in 1994.

Lottery games in the UK were started so that players could get an opportunity to win life-altering prizes. Today, Lotto stands to be the most popular lottery game in the UK, followed by Thunderball, Millionaire Maker, Lotto Millionaire Raffle, EuroMillions, Health Lottery and HotPicks among several others.

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As mentioned earlier, Lotto is the most famous game presently, and it is also the first lotto game in the UK. In this game, the players need to select 6 lottery numbers between 1-59 and have at least 2 or more matches to the lottery draw in order to win any prize. The draw takes places on Saturdays and Wednesdays, and in case the jackpot money remains unclaimed, it will roll over to hit as much as £22 million!

In fact, the Lotto Millionaire Raffle was introduced in October 2015 with the addition of 10 balls to make the game more interesting and exciting, and it guarantees the winner a prize sum of £1 million in each draw!

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In January 2016, 2 players won a record-breaking sum of £66 million, with £33 million given to each winner. Again, in February 2016, a individual hit the jackpot, earning a whopping £32.5 million! All this reaffirms that UK Lotteries stand to what they say and players can always hope to win a grand sum of money through this game of lottery in the UK.

Mobile Lotteries Playing Guidelines:

To get started with the game, players need to select 6 numbers from 1-59. If all these 6 numbers match the lottery draw, the player gets to win the lottery jackpot money. Players can also choose “Lucky Dip” to select the set of 6 numbers on their behalf if they are not able to choose the numbers by themselves.

The draws for the jackpot take place every Wednesday and Saturday, with £2 million as the jackpot money allotted for Wednesdays and £3.8- £4 million allotted for Saturdays. In case, more than one player hits the jackpot then the prize money is shared among the winners. But if there is no winner on the day of the draw then the jackpot money gets rolled over to the following draw.

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Rollovers take place as long as the amount reach £22 million, but this limit can be altered by the lottery officials. Players can check whether their number match the numbers drawn using the Lottery Results Checker. Here’s how the game works:

  • If all the 6 numbers of the player match that of the lottery draw then he/she wins the jackpot (chances of winning are 1 in 45,057,474)
  • If 5 numbers plus Bonus Ball of the player match, then he/she wins an estimated sum of £50,000 (chances of winning are 1 in 7,509,579)
  • If only 5 numbers of the player match, then he/she wins an estimated £1,000 (chances of winning are 1 in 144,415)
  • If only 4 numbers of the player match, then he/she wins an estimated £100 (chances of winning are 1 in 2,180)
  • If only 3 numbers of the player match, then he/she wins an estimated £25 (chances of winning are 1 in 97)
  • If only 2 numbers of the player match, then he/she wins a free “Lucky Dip” (chances of winning are 1 in 10.3)

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How To Take Part In The Lotteries Online?

Tickets for UK Lotteries can be purchased easily and quickly through the online process or interested players can buy the tickets from any authorised lottery retailer in the UK. To buy online tickets a player will simply need to select the lottery numbers they want to play, or select the option “Lucky Dip” that will generate a random set of numbers.

After making payment for the tickets, the player will receive confirmation via an email from the UK National Lottery regarding the details of the ticket and the draw that has been entered by the player. In case the player wins any prize, he/she will again be notified via email that says that there is some important news regarding the ticket.

The player will then need to log into his/her account to find out more about the prize. The authorities don’t disclose any information initially due to security reasons. Prize money worth up to £500 is paid on the player’s online account right away.

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