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“The luck of the Irish” is a very common phrase used by many to denote good luck, and the Irish Lottery is no different. A large number of people all around the globe try their luck in this numbers game almost every day with hopes of winning monetary prizes that can help them with a number of purposes.

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While some hope to win the lottery in order to finance the holiday that they always wanted, there are other who want to win the money in order to buy members of their family and friends an expensive gift.

There are also some who simply want to win some money so that they can go on a shopping spree and treat their very own selves to the latest items in the market. The reasons for wanting to play the game and win some money may vary from person to person, but most people do fancy their chances with the national lottery game in Ireland over their counterpart in the UK as the chances of winning is substantially greater here.

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Moreover, the national lottery game of Ireland allows people not only from the country, but also from other places around the world to play the game through the Irish Lottery Online. Hence, people from all parts of the globe can fancy their chances of winning in this numbers game.

The Irish Lottery Mobile – Origin and Purpose

The Irish Lotto was introduced in the lottery circle way back in the year 1986, and was meant to replace the current numbers game at the time – The Irish Hospital Sweepstakes.

Although the move was fairly successful in the late twentieth century, the game did not blossom into the success that it is today until the rise of the internet. With the major explosion in the use of the internet and the World Wide Web in the early 21st century, the Irish Lotto became an immensely popular numbers game with tickets on sale over the internet. This has allowed people from all over the globe to participate and fancy their chances in the game.

The inception of the Irish Lotto was aimed towards funding various noble and good causes in the country. Earnings from the ticket sales are used to fund services such and Health and Welfare, sporting resources in the country, preservation of the heritage and arts of the country and numerous recreational facilities among many others.

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How To Play This Cool Mobile Lotto Draw

What was initially a weekly game has now become a daily affair with Irish Lottery Results Main Draw being announced once a week. This means that player can purchase their tickets for the draws every day of the week, and the results are announced on every Wednesdays and Saturdays in the evenings.

A certain percentage of the total earnings of the ticket sales every week are forwarded to the prize pool, while the rest of it is forwarded to the accumulated funds used for the betterment of the countries various facilities.

Play Irish Lotto Online

Players need to choose their tickets by selecting a total of six numbers ranging from 1 to 45. Alternatively, they also have the option of opting for a “Quick-Pick Option” where a number is auto-generated for them by the system. In the results draw, a total of seven numbers is drawn, which means that six primary numbers and a bonus number is drawn. In case a person has a ticket number with each of the six primary numbers in the draw, they become the winner of the jackpot prize offered by the Irish Lottery.

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Apart from the jackpot prize, there are six other divisions where prizes can be won. They are

  • The Second Division: A player must have at least five of the primary numbers of the draw as well as the bonus number on their ticket to win the second division.
  • The Third Division: A player must have at least five of the primary numbers of the draw, but does not need to have the bonus number on their ticket to win the third division.
  • The Fourth Division: At least four of the primary numbers of the draw must match along with the bonus number in order to make a player eligible for winning the fourth division.
  • The Fifth Division: If at least four of the primary numbers of the draw match with those of the ticket, a player can win the fifth division even if they do not match the bonus number.
  • The Sixth Division: At least three of the primary numbers of the draw must match along with the bonus number in order to make a player eligible for winning the sixth division.
  • The Seventh Division: A player must have at least three of the primary numbers of the draw, but does not need to have the bonus number on their ticket to win the seventh division.

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Irish Lottery Online Results Checker

The availability of tickets on the Irish Lottery Online has also opened up new avenues for numerous sophisticated scam companies. They usually send out emails to unsuspecting people claiming that they have won prize money, and request for a fee in order to have the amount released. It is important for people to be aware of such scams and refrain from being a victim of such fraudulent programs.

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