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If you want to become a millionaire today, you don’t have to break a sweat. What you simply need is to play one of the lottery games available today and become a multi-millionaire instantly. Lottery games have become very popular today and are being played everywhere in the world.

However, playing some of them can be difficult as it requires you to purchase physical tickets which can be inconvenient for many. For players who are outside the country where the draws take place, they may be barred from participating as tickets may not be available at their location.

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However, recently Lottoland which is a company based in the UK, have made lottery very simple. They have made it possible to play the biggest lotteries games from the comfort of your home. One lottery game which has hit the market is World Millions. In this article, we shall tell you what this game is about and why you should play it.

Mobile Lottery Game Play – World Millions

World Millions is one of the biggest lottery games developed by Lottoland and offers one of the largest jackpots in the world. The game offers a guaranteed jackpot of €50 every Thursday and €100 every Sunday when the draws take place.

The jackpots are only won by one player. This means that there’s not sharing of the winning so the jackpots amount you can win never changes.


How do you win Millions with WorldMillions

Winning the World Millions jackpot requires you to match an 8-digit number in full. Also, you can win other smaller prizes by matching the last digits from the 8-digit number. For example, if you match the last digit, you win the smallest amount. If you match the last two digits, you win a bigger amount of cash. The amount of the prizes increases depending on the number of digits you match during the draws which take place on Thursday and Sunday in Europe.

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The draws of World Millions are held every Thursday and Sunday in Europe. For instance, if you’re in a country like Ireland, you must place your bet before 5.30 pm on Thursday and 5 pm before Sunday. WorldMillions is accessible for each and every one as it requires just a small amount to stand a chance of winning the weekly jackpot. If you want to win a full jackpot amount of €50 million, you should bet with €5. Also, you can bet with €2.50 to win half the full bet. Further, if you have just 50 cents, you can place a bet to win 1/10th of the full bet. Amazing, isn’t it?


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If you want to win the €100 Sunday jackpot, the principle is just the same. Winning the full jackpot, you should bet with €10. To win half the full jackpot, you bet with €1. To view the results, you just need to go into Lottoland website where all the winners are listed or you can you WorldMillions result checker.

Looking for New Lotteries? WorldMillions is the Perfect Solution

If you have tried other big lottery games and are looking a new lottery game where you can win easy cash, then WorldMillions is an amazing choice. Do you know why? Unlike other lottery games which take a lot of time to roll over to big jackpots, World Millions offers a €150 million every week! This prize is actually guaranteed each and every week. This is one of the highest jackpots you can find in the lottery market today.

You don’t need to purchase any ticket from any store as you can play World Millions entirely online. Even you’re beginner in playing lotteries, you will not find it difficult to play World Millions. The game is very easy to understand, has simple prize structure, and simple game mechanics.

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Another thing that makes this game stand out in the lottery industry is the fact there’s a high chance of winning. It has 1 in 100,000,000 odds of winning the offered prize. This is far better when compared to other big games like EuroMillions which has 1 in 130,000,000 odds of winning. Also, the prize of entry into WorldMillions draws is as little as 50 cents for a chance its amazing prizes.

World Millions is the best lottery game which can turn you into a millionaire by betting with a very small amount. The fact that it is played entirely online makes it the most convenient lottery game in the industry. What are you waiting for? Become a millionaire today!

World Millions

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