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The US Mega Millions that started as a lottery game in the year 1996 was called The Big Game. Six years later it was renamed again; it was known as The Big Game Mega Millions. The US Mega Millions is actually a game of multi-jurisdictional lottery in America. This lottery game is played in the Columbia District, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and in forty-four states.

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If you are a visitor to the US then you can buy tickets for the game from a lottery retailer in America, during your stay in the United States. You can also win the prize money even if you are not a resident of the United States. US Mega Millions doesn’t endorse and has no affiliation with any company that claims to sell the tickets anywhere in the world, offline or online. The drawings of the US Mega Million are held every evening of Tuesday & Friday.

US Mega Millions – Online Lotto Jackpot

The minimum US Mega Millions jackpot that is advertised is 15 million dollar, which is paid in thirty graduated annual installments. The jackpot amount increases by five percent each year.

However, the jackpot amount increases in the case when there is no winner for the top-prize. There are basically 9 ways of winning in the US Mega Millions. The prize money of the US Mega Millions Draw ranges starts from 1 dollar. You can also purchase the Megaplier. The Megaplier is another exciting feature that helps the players to increase the winnings of the non-jackpot prize money by two, three, four, or five times.

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In many participating states, one can get the Megaplier to play just for an additional 1 dollar. If one purchases the Megaplier, then his/her non-jackpot price will be multiplied by the Megaplier. For instance, if someone wins the second-tier prize of 1 million dollars in the US Mega Millions, & he/she drew a Megaplier number of 3, then his/her price will be 3 million dollars if he/she buys the Megaplier using just 1 dollar extra.

US Mega Millions Online

One can purchase tickets of US Mega Millions online only if he/she is a resident of Kentucky, North Dakota, North Carolina, Illinois, Georgia, and Michigan. They can purchase the tickets online by first registering with lotteries of the said states. However, one can buy online subscriptions for the US Mega Million if he/she is living in Virginia, New Hampshire, and New York. One must be a resident in any of these states, for participating in the purchase options. One can easily find the details on such lotteries’ website

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Online Lottery Mobile App

One can now access the US Mega Millions on his/her mobile. The US Mega Millions has an official app and is called LotteryHUB. One can download the app free of cost. One can also access the videos and details of the winning numbers, jackpot information, and the drawings of the US Mega Millions. However, one cannot purchase the tickets from LotteryHUB. The LotteryHUB doesn’t sell tickets because the member states of US Mega Millions have varying laws & regulations. The LotteryHUB is available in both Google Play and Apple’s App Store.

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LotteryHUB has been updated to the latest version, optimized and fully capable of handling increased traffic, especially during the period of high jackpots. One can now easily access and view previous and missed drawings, US Mega Millions Numbers & winning results. In addition to that, the users can also receive notifications of the latest results.

Mobile Lottery Payouts

When one becomes the jackpot winner of the this lotto, he/she will have two options; Annual payout and Cash Option. The Annual Payout ensures that the initial payment is followed by twenty-nine payments, annually with each payment larger by five percent than the last one. The Cash Option is basically a one-time payment of a lump-sum amount. This is equivalent to the entire cash in jackpot pool of prize of the US Mega Millions. However, the parameter for the prize claim varies from one state to another.

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The Business and Management

Unlike some multi-country or multi-state lotteries, which have their central offices, all the responsibilities and duties of US Mega Millions are shared and carried by the member states. They do these duties as part or obligation, for being a member in that game.

While the majority of accounting is taken care by each member of that state individually, their key duties like budgeting, expenditures, settlements of wagering data and draws, financial settlements (shares of prize expenses and cash/banking settlements), statistics and draw data monitoring, broadcasting and production of draw show, public relations, legal work, technical duties that includes software development, and projecting jackpots are shared.

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