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Sunday Lotto
Sundays have become way more fun and exciting with the Sunday Lotto. Usually, on a Sunday people either sit idly at home watching movies, or go out with their families for shopping and visit restaurants (which is an expensive affair). But with the Sunday Lotto Jackpot, one can earn money instead of spending it! This exciting lottery game gives its players the opportunity to win a grand sum of £5million! Now that’s how one would like to spend his/her Sundays.

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Genuine Gaming Pleasure – Sunday Online Lotteries

The Sunday Lotto is the brainchild of Lottery gaming giant, Lottoland, which falls under EU Lotto. And, EU Lotto is licensed under the Gibraltar Betting and Gaming Association. This license allows Lottoland to not only accept lottery bets but also offer various Casino-style products like Scratch Cards. EU Lotto is fully responsible for acting as bookmaker, for determining odds as well making the Sunday Lotto Winnings payments to the winners.

Sunday Lottery

Moreover, EU Lotto is also licensed under the UK Gambling Commission, and to retain all these licenses, it is crucial for Lottoland to make all the payments to the winners. So, players can rest assured that if they win the Sunday Lotto Jackpot, they will receive their due prize money.

Sunday Lotto – Mobile Jackpots with Just a Click

There is no need to guess that this lottery game takes place on Sundays. This Sunday Lotto has its base in El Gordo de la Primitiva of Spain. The draw also takes place in El Gordo de la Primitiva on Sundays. Bets are placed at a meager amount of £1.50. To take part in the DoubleJackpot, players will need to pay double the bet money, i.e. £3! With a little luck, players can earn in millions without breaking a sweat. Sundays just could not get any better!

Online Lottery Winners

Players simply need to select five numbers between 1 and 54 along with a bonus or key number between 0 and 9 to participate in the jackpot. In case all the numbers of a player matches that of the Sunday Lotto Draw Result then the player is declared the winner of the jackpot. The draw takes place on Sundays at 20.30 hours GMT in El Gordo de la Primitiva and guarantees minimum prize money of £5million.

Placing Online Lotto Tickets Bets

To play the Sunday Lotto, the player will need to bet on the Sunday Lotto Draw. For this, he/she will need to choose five numbers between 1 and 54 as well as choose a key number (bonus) between 0 and 9. If it gets too confusing for the player, he/she can also opt for “QuickPick” that will select numbers on behalf of the player. Once the numbers are selected, the player will need to submit these numbers. The player will then be taken through the checkout process where he/she will simply need to click on the “Confirm and Proceed” button in order to complete placing the bet.

Lotto Sunday Draws

The Sunday Lotto Winnings are guaranteed to those players whose 5 main numbers plus key number match the El Gordo de la Primivita Sunday Lotto Draw Result.

Jackpot Mobile Lottos – Play Anywhere and Win!

In case of DoubleJackpot, the player is allowed to place a bet for double the prize money. For example, if the jackpot money allotted by the El Gordo de la Primivita (official administrator) happens to be £5 million, and the player places a bet using the DoubleJackpot feature, then he/she can win as much as £10 million.

However, the prizes allotted for the other tiers remain unaltered. Players will need to pay twice the price of their normal bets in order to activate this feature of DoubleJackpot. Therefore, a player will need to pay £3 rather than £1.50 to place a DoubleJackpot bet on the Sunday Lotto.

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Endless Winning Potential – Mobile Lotteries

The odds are pretty reasonable with 1 in every 31,625,100 player winning this jackpot in the Sunday Lotto Draw Result. Additionally, the players also get a chance to win from the prize tiers if they get lucky. Once a player wins the jackpot, the prize money is transferred to his/her online account after verification. The player will also require providing the gaming authorities with address and ID proof. As soon as the confirmation is made, the player will be able to access the prize money. The best part is that the winner will not have pay any tax on the prize money.

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