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Do you love online slots? Would you like to enjoy a variation? Do you want to experiment a traditional online slot that still dominates the gaming world? If yes, then you can try Ladbrokes Lotto!. Ladbrokes has been in this betting industry since 1886. It is considered one of the top operators all over the world for some of its developed gaming options and lotto bonuses. Ladbrokes has become the global powerhouse with the annual turnover of £130 million.

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This long journey has enabled the Ladbrokes to offer the best online lotto betting service second to none. In fact, it has invented some new technologies like Ladbrokes Lotto to enhance the experience of the players. Ladbrokes Lotto is specifically designed to offer fixed-odds betting options on the best lotteries in the world. It is mobile friendly. You can also play it on your iOS and Android devices.

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Ladbrokes Lotto is a fixed –odds game that you can play on your mobile and desktop. It is easy to play. You just need to bet on the outcome of a lottery instead of investing in it directly. For example, if you are interested in betting on two numbers, the Ladbrokes Lotto will offer you the odds on this outcome and you will have to select the odds. You will get the double return if you win the bet.

In addition, you will be able to control more variables. You can even tailor the condition depending on your needs. All these features will offer better possibilities to win the bet in comparison to the standard mobile lotteries. In these lotteries, you need to follow a set of strict rules.

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Besides, as the Ladbrokes Lotto odds will be fixed, the Ladbrokes will pay you on the basis of odds irrespective of the number of the ticket buyers. If you win, the winning amount will be same. You can win up to £250,000.

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Ladbrokes Lotto will allow you to speculate around 35 draws every week. As it is an online slot, you will be allowed to be bet on draws from any part of the world. You will not be restricted to your own country like other online slots. Moreover, each game will have a different set of dynamics. For example, when some games will offer more draws per week, others might offer fewer options and it will keep changing. You will find the following betting options at the Ladbrokes Lotto.

  • Irish Lotto 49s Ladbrokes
  • Spain’s La Primitiva
  • Ladbrokes Irish Lottery Odds
  • Spanish Daily Lotto
  • NY Lotto

Moreover, Ladbrokes Lotto offers a selection of casino games, scratch cards, slots, blackjack, and many different games to ensure that you will not be bored in between the lottery draws.

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For playing the games, you can choose any lotto numbers for New York Lotto 6 Ball and Lotto 7 Ball, William Hill’s 49’s Lotto 6 and Lotto 7, Irish Lotto 6 Ball and Lotto 7 Ball, and Spanish Sunday Lotto & Daily Lotto 6. You just need to place a stake on your preferred number that you find lucky for you. Ladbrokes will play out your stake times a number.

For example, you are choosing the Irish Lotto 6 Ball. If you will be able to get one number correct, Ladbrokes will pay 6.5 times what is staked. That means if your betting amount is $10, then you will get $65 in return. If you will be able to get two balls correct, then it will be $ 530. With getting five numbers correct, the winning amount will be $1,000,010. The payout will be based on the stake completely. Any other things will not influence if you will be able to show the correct number.

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The best thing about the Ladbrokes Lotto is that you will not have to wait a long for the winning price including the £250,000 jackpot. Once the funds are credited to your account, you can withdraw it by using some popular methods that include PayPal, Delta, Visa, MasterCard, Western Union, Solo/Switch, Skrill, and Neteller. The maximum processing time will be one to five days depending on the processing method.

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Ladbrokes Lotto offers more betting options and returns in comparison to other online slots. For example, you can get £650 with a £1 stake and three correct numbers on Ladbrokes Irish Lottery odds that you cannot expect from anywhere else. It is mobile-friendly and allows you to play from the different part of the world.

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