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In the month of January of 2016, the US Powerball succeeded in producing a lottery jackpot that is the largest in history. The US Powerball is actually a lottery game in America that is offered by forty-four states, Puerto Rico, the US Virgin Islands, and the Columbia District. The MUSL (Multi-State Lottery Association) coordinates the US Powerball. The MUSL is a non-profit organization created by one agreement with the US lotteries. The minimum jackpot, advertised, of the US Powerball is 40 million dollar.

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The annuity of US Powerball is paid to the winner in thirty graduated installments and the winners have the option of choosing cash instead. The US Powerball Main Draw takes place on every Wednesday and Saturday evenings.

Online Lotto History – US Powerball

The predecessor of the US Powerball started in 1988. It was a multi-state lottery game and was known as Lotto America. The name and the game were changed and were then named Powerball on the 19th of April, 1992. The first drawing took place on 22nd April. The US Powerball was first launched in the year 1992. During that time, it was the only lottery game that used two drums.

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The using of two drums is actually a very clever idea; it adds more to the manipulation factor of the game and at the same time, allows high odds, low odds, and various levels of the prize. The idea of using two drums was originally Steve Caputo’s (Oregon Lottery). The concept of two drums has been used by many other popular lottery games ever since such as The Big Game, which is now known as US Mega Millions, UK’s Thunderball, and Powerball of Australia.

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The minimum bet for the US Powerball is just 2 dollars. In every single game, the players get to select five numbers from one set of sixty-nine white balls & one from the twenty-six red Powerball and the number of the red ball can be same as the white ball’s number. Further, the players can choose a number for themselves or take help of the terminal pseudo-randomly while selecting the numbers, which is also, called easy pick or quick pick. Online players can try the true random number generators, which is free and can help get the ticket numbers.

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In one single drawing, the selection of the winning numbers is done by using two ball machines, one containing white balls, and the other having red Powerball. The first machine gives the five white balls and the second machine gives the red ball. The games that have at least red Powerball or three white balls matching, wins. The order of drawing of the five white balls has no relevance as all the tickets display the numbers.

How To Play US Powerball

The Powerball that is drawn cannot be used by the players to match two of the white numbers. Randomly chosen from four sets, two identical machines start the US Powerball Main Draw. The machine that is used is called the Halogen, which is actually manufactured and designed by Smartplay International. There are eight sets of balls, four of one color; one set of one color is selected randomly prior to a drawing.

Further, these balls are shuffled with the help of a turntable located at the machine’s bottom, which helps in propelling the balls in and around its chamber. When a ball is selected by the machine, the turntable gradually slows in order to catch the ball, then sends the ball up its shaft & finally down its rail to the machine’s display.

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LotteryHUB: The US Powerball Lotto App

The official App of the US Powerball is the LotteryHUB. This US Powerball Lotto App is fully capable of tracking the US Powerball results effectively and easily. All you have to do is to just enter the US Powerball ticket number into the LotteryHUB for tracking & to know the winning number. Now one can have Lottery Results US Powerball at fingertips. You can also easily catch-up on the drawings of the missed lottery and the winning results.

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This lotto can be played by anyone. Even the citizens who are non-US could also play and claim the lottery prize just like the US citizens. However, the taxes withheld will vary. For instance, A non-US citizens federal withholding is flat 30 percent. Additionally, there could well be different structures of taxes for the individual states. There is also the possibility of tax treaties that may take place between the United States and the player’s country and that could actually be very helpful in managing or offsetting the tax liabilities of US.

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