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Betfred Lotto know the ropes of all types of online betting and there’s no lack of that knowledge and experience when it comes to lotteries! Betfred make it simple for all players to bet on the outcome of any lotto draw for fixed odds win if the outcome is guessed correctly! There’s plenty of good deals and player incentives spread all over the site, including a free £10 bet to start off with when anyone places their first £5 deposit bet!

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Another spectacular aspect of the site offering great value to it’s players is the Daily Million draws! With a brilliant amount of 7 Daily Million draws taking place each week, players are in with several chances of winning up to a staggering £50K! Players will win if they choose numbers correct! It’s that easy! If they want, they can decide to leave it up to fate and play a lucky dip, or choose their numbers manually, it’s up to them to decide how lucky they feel!

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Betfred Special  Promotions!

Betfred are at the top of their game for bringing the best lotteries to their players, but they’re also pretty high-scorers on the board for bringing amazing bonuses to the people! There’s plenty of promotional offers on the website for all to enjoy and benefit from whilst playing towards their dream of being a millionaire!

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£1m Bonus Ball Bonanza – Who would say no to the chance of winning one million pounds? Not very many people! At Betfred anyone can bet online, or on their mobile for a chance to win this amazing bonus! All they have to do is pick a bonus ball in the Irish Lottery draw! Then, decide their stake, pick a draw day, and if it matches, its a win!! Even if they only play £1 stake, that will still win £75,000!

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  • Lotto Specials – offering everyone more chances of winning prizes
  • Daily 49’s lotto draws
  • Lotto Insurance – Those who want to benefit from this only have to match 3 balls out of a chosen 4. Betfred will return their stake in the form of a free bet
  • Anniversary Cash Drop – It’s been done by Betfred before but keeps getting bigger than ever

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Fantastic Lottery Results Checker & Winner’s Stories!

For anyone who’s feeling down on their luck or needs a little more convincing, all they need to do is take a little look at the Big Winners Page on Betfred lotto! Every single month more stories of lucky players who’ve won it big appear on the page! It’s a real spirit-lifter to know that those delivering people out their are having their dreams fulfilled, but what about your dreams? Anyone could be the one with their name up there next to a healthy sum of money. The real truth of it is, that the only thing they need to do – is take a chance and play.

Anyone who’s ever played multiple lotteries will know that it’s a very annoying task to scour the web for all the different winning numbers for each draw. It’s a real drag, but the helpful technological-type people at Betfred have come up with a way for their site visitors to find all of their lottery results checker needs met!

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